Friday, 15 July 2011

Pulsar G10 vs Pulsar PXH035

These simple field watches are equipped with Japanese conventional quartz mechanisms (Epson-Seiko and Hattori respectively).

The Pulsar G10 (GS2000) has been used by the British Army. The one I show you is from 2009, "long hands version" (the previous version has shorter hands). Available (sometimes) in ebay. However, PXH35 is a commercial watch you can easily buy.

PXH35 is directly inspired by the U.S. MIL ("Vietnam era")*

36 mm case both.

Strap width: 20mm (G10), 18mm (PXH35)

Perhaps PXH35 has a stronger touch feeling than G10. However, G10 has more presence at the wrist, thanks to the 20mm lug width and cleaner face.

Very good lumen but slightly better in G10.

100m WR for the PXH, 30 meters (not WR) for the G10.

Finaly, I'm surprised that the PXH35, according to their loyalty to the military standards, cool look, price and quality has not become yet into a more desired object.

Prices? Pulsar PXH35 around 50 euros; Pulsar G10 around 70, 100 or more (a little hard to find).

Pulsar PXH035

Pulsar G10


* This post was published in Watchuseek forum
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  1. The PHX035 is indeed a great no frills field watch. I saw one in Amsterdam in 1998 and knew at once I wanted it, especially for my work as a journalist. It travelled with me all over the world (including 7 times to Iraq). It was precise to the second: on 9 May 2012 I was in Geneva and adjusted it to a Swiss railway clock (you can't get more precise than that)- I was there again on 28 June and not a second too slow or too fast. Two hours later, while pulling my towel out of my small backpack, after a swim in Lake Geneva near Lausanne, the watch fell out, into the water between the big boulders on which I was sitting. Impossible to retrieve. They are for sale still, fortunately, but mine was green, not blakish green but really green and it had a green canvas strap. Where can I find a green PHX035? I don't see any on the net.
    Michiel Hegener, the Netherlands

  2. The green one:

    Thank you Michiel for your valuable comments.

  3. Thanks so much for your fast reply!
    However, the specs say the dial is black, while the picture shows dark green. What I'd really like is a watch identical to the one I lost, which can be seen here:

    There's a Seiko that comes very close, though I do not like the
    modernistic case very much:

  4. It is a great watch too! See some more pics

    All the best,

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